Alone on a Stage

Before moving to France, I was prompted by Groupon to face a fear of mine – Improv. Acting without a script?! Ack! I can’t do it. But with classes being offered right around the corner for a discount, how could I resist? So I took the class, and am probably better for it. I’d even do it again!

But this year the offer popped up again, and instead of taking improv (it would have been the same “intro to improv”, not the next level) I chose stand up comedy. I’d been told I should try it, although I realize there’s a difference between being clever for a moment and being clever for 5 minutes. Well I’d figure out how to start doing it right. Both improv and stand up couldn’t do anything bad for my goals as an actress. Learning to think on my feet, be comfortable on stage, write comedy, deal with an audience, calm nerves…. it goes on and on.

So I completed 6 weeks of stand up comedy class at M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, and ended it on February 28 with a showcase alongside 12 of my classmates.

There is Here!

The DVDs have arrived!
The DVDs have arrived!

It took a while, and you may not know what I’m talking about, but I finally got the DVDs for the short film I produced and starred in last year. It was for the 168 Hour Film Festival and we got 8 nominations. I ordered enough DVDs for the cast and crew with some extra (because there wasn’t a huge difference in price for ordering 60 or ordering 100) to sell and hopefully make up some of the cost of getting them made in the first place! Some people have been asking about them as well, so I’m really happy to be able to offer them. You can find the Buy It button on this page:

My Store!

You  might notice that they are not shrink-wrapped, and I did that on purpose to be a little more environmentally friendly.

I’m excited!