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Challenging Limiting Beliefs

Just hanging around
Just hanging around

As I waited to climb up the fabric towards the ceiling, I took a look around me… people doing handstands, swinging from trapezes, and stretching in silky hammocks. What a world of people exploring their potential, what a crazy place….

Last night I went to Cirque School.¬†I’d purchased a Living Social¬†voucher for 5 classes, since I have a growing fascination (hey, thank you spellcheck! Missed that ‘s’…) with aerial silks. I attended the aerial fitness and conditioning class, since you need approval to move on to the aerial tricks class. All I really wanted to do was get tangled up in fabric, 10 feet in the air. But we rotated between the mat, trapeze and silks too frequently to do much of anything up there. At first I was frustrated and disappointed. But soon I was too weak to even get halfway up the silks anyway. I knew it wasn’t a good idea to take Krav Maga and silks class in the same day.

But wait, there’s more!