One Week, One Short Film. Now What?

Yeah, we did it. I knew we would. No biggy. 😉

This morning the final cut (or… final cut for the festival) got uploaded to the 168 servers and all that was left for me to do was convince the printer to scan 26 pages of release forms for me. After a software uninstall and reinstall, we came to an understanding.

But yeah, I have another short film under my belt! In a couple of months a longer “director’s cut” will be finished and put on DVD, most likely after the festival (so we can mention what awards we won or were nominated for on the sleeve, ya know?).

Our work is not finished, though, and it’s time to answer some questions.

Will we submit it to other festivals after 168?

Will our Making Of film get finished in time for next week’s deadline?

How soon can we get a teaser online?

Where will we screen it for the cast and crew?

And what is my next project?

Couchsurfing and Cockpits



Oh my goodness. First, I apologize for not taking video of this trip, sometimes I’m just not in the mindset of blogging/vlogging. Which, you know, I think is OK. I like to be in the moment, to be observing things, rather than recording them. But I did take photos.

So because of that whole moving fiasco back in January, I had no home to arrive to in Paris. Even my temporary 5 day plan had been vaporized because of my cat and I went straight to couchsurfing. I’ve never couchsurfed before. But I found a host on and settled in. He trusted me so much that he let me stay at his apartment before even meeting me. He was away the weekend I arrived and left a key in a hiding spot. So I only met him several days later. Turns out we’re both into healthy eating, so that’s fun. He introduced me to a vegetarian restaurant I hadn’t been to yet, and now this weekend I shall do the same. But he also invited me to go with him “to work” this week. You see, my host was a pilot. 🙂 So I flew along and spent a day in and around Castres with him, the other pilot, and the air hostess.

Nonstop Awesomeness!

Nonstop Awesomeness!

So much to post about this week! I thought I’d start with this though.

Before my trip back to L.A. I discovered a blog by a former actor and current traveling healthy food lover, Nathan Agin. I got all excited and emailed him. Entertaining, travel, and food are a couple of my favourite things, so I thought if we crossed paths anywhere that we should meet. And it turned out we would be in L.A. at the same time, so guess what? We met up for dinner at a place in the valley called Hugo’s. I learned a bit more about his plans for a series based on good food around the world (or the U.S.) and he learned a bit more about my plans to…. well I can’t remember what my plans were at that point so I’ll just say go act in Bollywood. It was a great evening, and before parting ways he gave me an awesome bracelet. No, really, it has the word awesome on it. I mean his blog is Nonstop Awesomeness, so it’s an awesome bracelet.

The End of the Road


Peter Root and Mary Thompson
Peter Root and Mary Thompson

I read this news several days ago, and was just thinking about it again today so I decided to write a little about it.

Peter Root and Mary Thompson, whom I hadn’t heard of before but were keeping a blog about their journey by bike around the world, were struck and killed by a pick-up truck in Thailand. They’d been biking from the UK since July 2011.

How to Earn Money While Traveling

So I’m still figuring this one out myself, and today landed on a page full of some really great suggestions. I’ve heard the usual – bar-tending, teaching English, etc, but those things never really appealed to me, as I didn’t want to stay in one place and be tied to a job for very long. For some people, it might work. I’m actually more interested in mobile ways of earning, or entertainment related ways of earning. Which is why I’m considering returning to L.A. earlier than planned so that I can go back to doing some background work to save up for more adventures. Apparently there’s some great guarded secret to getting background work in Paris. But even when traveling, I’d need a way to earn a bit of money. So some of the suggestions here really started me thinking. I’m just listing a couple here with my thoughts on them, and more information can be found HERE.