Couchsurfing and Cockpits



Oh my goodness. First, I apologize for not taking video of this trip, sometimes I’m just not in the mindset of blogging/vlogging. Which, you know, I think is OK. I like to be in the moment, to be observing things, rather than recording them. But I did take photos.

So because of that whole moving fiasco back in January, I had no home to arrive to in Paris. Even my temporary 5 day plan had been vaporized because of my cat and I went straight to couchsurfing. I’ve never couchsurfed before. But I found a host on and settled in. He trusted me so much that he let me stay at his apartment before even meeting me. He was away the weekend I arrived and left a key in a hiding spot. So I only met him several days later. Turns out we’re both into healthy eating, so that’s fun. He introduced me to a vegetarian restaurant I hadn’t been to yet, and now this weekend I shall do the same. But he also invited me to go with him “to work” this week. You see, my host was a pilot. 🙂 So I flew along and spent a day in and around Castres with him, the other pilot, and the air hostess.