Be Like Me

I don’t really enjoy going to Pennsylvania.

I grew up there, and left there when I was 18. I tried my hardest to keep in touch with friends, and for a few years made not one but two trips per year (back when you could get airfare for under $200 round-trip). Then cut back to just Christmas, and then decided not to come back for Christmas. That was around the time I was starting to eat healthier and any holiday that involved massive quantities of food I couldn’t or wouldn’t eat was a hugely stressful affair. My parents probably thought I was quite difficult to deal with. I would come with these recipes – first for steaks (my dad always overcooked and never seasoned his steaks, then ate with ketchup), then vegetarian, then vegan… I remember one Christmas when I was told there would be sweet potatoes. I was happy about this. Something I could eat. Closer to dinner time I asked where they were and was pointed towards a marsh of butter and brown sugar.