It Was A Dark and Starry Night…

When I was younger, I really enjoyed art class. I loved to draw, and would draw everywhere and at every time. Teachers would write home to my parents that I wasn’t paying attention during class. I don’t know why they cared, I got all A’s back then anyway.

I got to work with paint once or twice in my grade school art career. I painted one picture of Aladdin and Jasmine, which promptly and mysteriously got vandalized by someone who decided their eyes would look better pink. I also painted a sleeping wolf, based on something in a children’s book I’d recently read. I loved my wolf painting. I have no idea what the fate of that one was.

In high school art class, the teacher wanted to do more abstract sorts of things…. while I insisted on trying to make something as realistic as I could. We hit a compromise of sorts on the paper mache creatures. I made mine dog shaped, and painted it blue with polka dots.