How One Cat Rules My World

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I’m back! And let me explain my absence. Who here has a cat? Has your cat ever gone missing? Maybe right before you’re supposed to catch a plane somewhere?

Last Friday I brought my cat over to a new friend in Santa Monica for safe-keeping while I’ll be in France. My flight was to be on Tuesday, and I was going to stop by a couple of times to make sure he was OK before I left. One day later, he made his escape. I don’t want to share the details, because I’m not trying to blame anyone. But point is, he got out, sprinted across the street, and vanished. I came over a few hours later with “his” sweatshirt, and walked around the neighbourhood ringing his bell. I came over again later that night to do the same. No kitty. After 48 hours of no kitty, I decided to postpone my trip back to Paris, and look for some professional help. I didn’t want to waste any time. So I recruited Landa from and received her lengthy PDF on searching for missing cats. We started right away with two humane traps (purchased new off of craigslist – saved about $90!) and bright neon posters strategically placed around the neighbourhood. We’d already hung many 8X10 posters the day before.

And yes, you heard that, I postponed my flight. I gave myself 8 more days. Which means the plan I had in place for my return was kind of spoiled. And even as of this moment, I don’t know where I’m going to stay once I reach France.