First is the Worst!

Oh the pressure! First blog post for the new website! A whole blank page in front of me, what should I fill it with? Well, I guess I can tell you a little more about myself and this blog. My name is Kendal Brenneman, and I’m a native Pennsylvanian who transplanted herself to Los Angeles over ten years ago, and in 2011 moved again to France. I’ve been acting in small films, doing a bit of modeling here and there, and whenever I have the extra money, taking fun classes like aerial silks and burlesque. I have a lot of interests. For a long time I was stuck in L.A. just working to pay bills to, well, stay in L.A. Because that’s where the actors have to be, right? But I finally got fed up with it, got lucky with some online work, and decided it was time to do something I’d always wanted to do – live outside of the US. So I left, and settled in (or near) Paris, France, since it was another large city where things are being filmed every day. Mostly in French, so learning French has been a goal since I landed. I managed to produce a short film (in English) last year but somehow have not gotten as far as I thought I would, being here. I thought being different would be an asset, but it hasn’t quite worked out that way. So, coming up on 2013, I decided that I needed to rethink my plan. I spent much of my life in LA just getting new headshots, submitting for other people’s projects, waiting for phone calls from agents, doing background work, chasing my tail. I came to France to create a web series, but realized 1. I’m not much of a comedy screenwriter. I mean, I’m not a screenwriter at all! And 2. A good one is hard to find. So that project stumbled to a halt. I don’t want to be a producer. I don’t want to be a screenwriter. I admire the people who can do these jobs, but these are actual JOBS, and neither of them are MY job. I have no training and have no interest in it. What’s an actress to do?