Back in Paris, Sans Cat

I’m going to miss my kitty so much! I’m sure I still have it easier than him, he’s around people he doesn’t really know. But I’m hoping he will start to enjoy his temporary home in Santa Monica.

Two days after we recovered Elliot from that backyard, he managed to escape again. Only for about 2 days this time, and he was recovered the night before my flight. He was spotted going under a house, and trapped there until I arrived. But no matter what, I couldn’t even see him under there. We finally left a trap with food, and left. Ten minutes later, my friend calls saying Elliot had fallen for the trap, and was not pleased with this foolishness. I visited him before heading to the airport, and he was super mellow and sort of in an “I’m not talking to you” mood. That morning I also ordered a lovely GPS collar for him. Well, if you can’t come back on your own, we will just know where you are every second of every day. Sorry, cat.