The White Butterflies


So I was walking along the canal Saint Martin with a friend and our cameras, and we came upon some butterflies. As we looked around, we saw butterflies on almost every surface – the walls, the sidewalks, the bridge!

So we asked someone what was going on, and we were directed to a man in a blue shirt and told that he was the artist.

He explained to us that his name was Milan Rai and he was from Nepal. He’d started the project there, and started traveling with it.

He talked to me for a minute on video so I could share it here with you, since that’s so much better than me just writing about it, right?

So I’m going to let him tell you about the white butterflies in his own words:

And then I’ll continue telling you about my day, because, why not?

After meeting Milan Rai…

Milan Rai



… and adopting my little butterfly….

My Butterfly

We continued on our way, and stumbled upon a gluten-free bakery called Helmut Newcake, where we split two yummy desserts….



So yummy.

Then we wandered into a little restaurant/café where we were joined by a cute little kitty who sat on my coat.

Cafe Cat

And then I decided it was time to try to get vegan cupcakes at Vegan Folie’s (is that a mistake on their part or does that make sense?) But alas, at 7:45 on a Sunday night…. there were no cupcakes!!!

Vegan Folies


So we wandered around a bit taking more photos, settling in at a cute bar for drinks, and finally walking back to Chatelet in a little fall of rain….

A Little Fall of Rain


I will find a way to share some of my photos, perhaps a Flickr account or something… But for now, back to work on the short film! I’ll give you another blog post about that later. 😉

And don’t forget to go visit The White Butterfly Facebook page!

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  1. I love seeing your pictures of Paris. Actually, viewing your videos of Paris was what drew me to you and your sites. I also love wandering around big cities, but probably Paris is my favourite. It’s a people place!
    Love to see more of your pics, but no rush….definitely after the film. 🙂

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