So a few weeks ago I was approached by a man with a camera about answering some questions about life for a project of his called Operation 365 (that link goes to my video there, actually), and although at the time I couldn’t do it, I emailed him back last week and scheduled an interview! I should have been smart enough to ask in the email what the question(s) were… I remembered him asking what your advice to the world would be to make it a better place, and I just said “Don’t be selfish.” That covers a lot. But when he repeated the questions (“what would you like to tell the world, what can people do now to make the world a better place in 100 years, and what’s one important word you would like to share”) I sat down to think. I came up with a bit of a poem to answer the first question, kind of forgot what the second question was, and dug up an African word I’d heard recently, because sometimes English words just don’t cut it. So here is my interview! Let me know what you think!

And please excuse the horrible freeze frame chosen for the main image. Gah.

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