Hell’s Belle

Not going to write much in this post. This one is video! I finished a 3 class burlesque workshop with Hell’s Belles in Hollywood this past week and decided to film the finished product. Well, I’m sure it could be a lot better. I have only rehearsed in class, barefoot. But I threw some heels on at home.

Some women can find it hard to act sexy. It can feel awkward and fake. I agree. But it’s fun to try, and as a performer it can help you create a new character, which makes it easier to act sexy – just become your character!

I’m sharing this video not because I’ve perfected the art of burlesque or even do a good job with this choreography, but to show that I’m not embarrassed to be awkward! I’m still learning! Like a little fawn… awwwwww.

How Do You Burlesque?

You may or may not have been following my burlesque updates that began before I started this blog, so here’s the backstory:

I’ve had a gradual, growing interest in burlesque for the past couple years. I’d been vaguely familiar with it when I got my first Groupon deal in 2010, and found that I enjoyed pushing my boundaries and growing as a performer. So I’ve kept an eye out for other good burlesque deals, and decided to have a mission of actually performing. I’ve taken classes in L.A. and Paris, and learned how to make my own rhinestoned pasties. It’s a continuing journey… among my other journeys!