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So this whole time, I thought I had Google Analytics set up for my website (and just um… never looked at it), but it turns out, I didn’t. I went into the Analytics all excited to get some information on y’all, my visitors, and there was nothing. 0! Whaaaat? So I finally got the chance to sit down and deal with that today.

0 Visitors. You didn't count.
0 Visitors. You didn’t count.

So I, of course, Googled my problem, and found the answer. So, just in case you’re wondering how to make sure your analytics are set up, here’s what I did. I logged into Google Analytics, found the folder marked “Dreamer of the Day” because I’d already set it up (which you can learn to do here, it’s all pretty self-explanatory, just create an account and put in the details of your website), and then clicked on “All Website Data.” From there I went to the top righthand corner and clicked on Admin, then Tracking info. Once I was there, I scrolled down and copied the code. Now, where to put it, since this is WordPress? I downloaded Insert Headers and Footers , and then uploaded it in my WordPress dashboard to my plugins, and activated it. Once it was activated, I went to Settings, Insert Headers and Footers, and simply pasted my code in.

Then I tested it out by going to my own website. Ta-da! It counted me! I’m the first legit visitor! So from now on… I’m tracking you, I’ll know you were here and where you came from. 😉 This will help so much, as I’m trying to figure out how to promote the website, get traffic, all that jazz…. Yay for figuring things out on my own!


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