Hey, I Know Him!

I’m sure that’s a phrase that everyone in the film industry has said at least once when sitting at the movie theatre. I’ve been told friends see me (well at least once, way back in Spider-man) and shout it out. It was my turn recently!

I was waiting for Iron Man 3 to start, chatting with my friend, when out of the corner of my eye I see a HUGE familiar face on the screen.

Double take.

It’s Raph from Le Visiteur du Futur! And then I saw my friend François (his brother, producer of the series)!

“Hey! I know him!”

I whipped out my phone to record but the stupid iPhone took it’s sweet time and I got nothing. I texted François as the lights dimmed and told him my exciting news.

I managed to get a link to the spot from him to share with y’all, just because I think it’s awesome. I don’t have many friends who are speaking on the big screen at the theatres. OK, it’s not in the movie, but still. François is awesome and someday he’ll be making movies in the theatres. And I’ll be in one. 🙂 Maybe with Robert Downey Jr…..

By the way, I’m toying with the plugins here and added a Facebook Like option (in addition to all those other sharing buttons), so like me! Really like me!

  1. It seems to allow you only one ‘like’. So, I’ll say it…I really like you !!
    And, I’m confident that you will be on the big screen one day.

    1. I don’t know why I’m just not automatically logged in here to reply, but whatever! Yes, I’m still trying to figure this out. I also need to figure out how to get my blogs to post to Facebook. In time….

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