How Can You Afford To Travel?

It’s asked. It’s thought. And sometimes my answer is “I can’t.” At the moment I’m in a space where I just have to have faith that if I keep working hard and smart that I will get out of this hole and back to a bit of stability. But the answer to the question of “how can you afford to travel?” right now is…. “How can I afford not to?”

I’m realizing that I can’t afford to stay in Paris, at least not comfortably. But I have to stick around for a few more months for some classes, meetings, and to get to India in November with a shorter and cheaper flight (and vaccinations). My solution to the “I can’t afford to live here anymore” situation? Travel. Yeah. That thing you think you do only when you have money.

But I can explain. I took the leap and bought a round trip ticket to Barcelona, and another roundtrip from there to Ghana. In total, this cost me less than 900€ and will take me from July 31 to September 19. To couchsurf or rent a room in Spain will end up costing me maybe 200-300€. And I can easily couchsurf the rest of September in Paris. So right there is about 1200€, or 600€ a month, which is equal to or less than what I would pay for a room or studio in Paris. BUT I get a grand new adventure out of it, in places where everything else is cheaper. So I’ll be lowering my living costs. Yes, for the moment, I had to put the tickets on a credit card because I don’t get paid that far in advance and am squeezing every last dime (er…. centime?) but I think it was worth it.

I think traveling can frequently be cheaper than staying in one place, especially if you use or for your accommodations. Yes, airfare can be a big cost, but if you plan carefully, you still could be saving more money than you’d spend at home on rent and food (and gas, etc….). If you have a mileage card, that can help you out. I don’t have one, but maybe I’ll get one in the next year if they’ll approve me!

So that said… yes, surprise! My summer plans are to go to Barcelona and Ghana. While in Barcelona I want to make a music video for an original song (still being composed, and still seeking a musician to help me record it!) and while in Ghana I will be filming at my friend’s computer school.

In other news… I’ve made a little video about the past 2 weeks, since I’ve been doing some kind of interesting things! Filming a short starring my dog, pretending to be military, going to the White Dinner, dancing along the Seine….. It’s summertime. My favourite time in Paris. Well… if it would stop freaking raining.

And now…

  1. Kendal, I think it is a brilliant idea !
    I was wondering how you were going to be happy for the next 3 months in your present 3eme etage bed-sit. Paris is a wonderful place in the summertime, but you have already experienced that, and it is definitely NOT cheap.
    A new adventure is the spice of life, and just what the ‘Dreamer’ needs.
    I understand, from a friend, that Barcelona is awesome. But, does Meily go along with you ? Any concerns there?
    Hopefully the bank acct issues will all be sorted before you leave.
    If I was younger, I would love to do just what you are doing.
    But, I’m sure you will take us along with you (virtually, as usual). :-).

    1. Oh it’s not the 3rd floor, it’s the 7th. I get winded around the 3rd floor though.
      Meily will stay with a friend… because I definitely can’t bring her with me to Africa!
      The bank account is almost settled. One big refund they need to make to me…. I hope there isn’t a problem with that one, it was 360€!
      I’m really excited about some ideas and projects I’m starting this year…. hoping they lead to some good experiences, more work, more forward movement in acting/singing…. can’t wait til I have something to share. 🙂

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