I Know Things

So I’ve decided to teach a few of the things I know, on YouTube.

So many times, when trying to come up with something I could get paid to do, I just think “I have no marketable skills, I’ve been doing odd jobs, background work, playing around on the internet, and acting.” The only résumé I have is my acting résumé. I look on elance.com and don’t find much that I qualify to do (though I did pass the French>English translation test at 95% and in the top 10%! haha… it was multiple choice….).

I read an article online recently (and I can’t remember where!) that made me realize something. I may not be a specialist at anything, a professional, uniquely talented in any one field and ready to teach you everything about it. But I do know some things that other people don’t know. And I can share those things.

I’ve been working on ways to build more of a following on YouTube, and get more views (hence, more Adsense revenue), and I’ve decided to come up with the things I know about, the things I’ve been learning, and create some tutorials. There will probably be no real connecting thread between them, other than they are things I’m interested in and learned how to do. Things that at one point, I was Googling information on. So here I am, explaining in my own way, how to clone yourself in iMovie. Kendal’s first tutorial. 🙂


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  1. A great idea, Kendal ! I learned a new film technique with Tutorial #1. Thanks.
    BTW Congrats with the French. That is a ‘plus’, and a real bonus working in Paris.

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