I’m An Extraordinary Machine

I love that song, don’t you? Actually, what I wanted to share was something I almost totally missed!! Niall Doherty has a great travel blog (which I mentioned before, I believe) and every year (I assume. At least two years that I’m aware of) he puts together a list of 100 People Doing Extraordinary Things. I’d overlooked the email, but saw it today and decided to read through and be inspired. Well, I got a surprise at number 69.

Extraordinary People

I feel quite small next to these other people. Although number 68 inspires me right now to find a guide and get down into the catacombs this summer.

I find it funny how sometimes the things you do in the course of your life can inspire others without you even realizing it. One of my friends who moved out to L.A. several years ago told me at the time that when I moved to L.A. (at age 18) it was really inspiring to her. I had no idea. Of course moving was a big deal to me, but it was just something I had to do. It was going to happen. When I look at people who are making a difference in the world by starting an organization to bring clean water to people, or get children out of slavery, I think …. wow. But I bet they’d just shrug their shoulders and say “I had to do it, I couldn’t not do it.” And I’m sure there are many people who were terrified to do something that needed to be done, but they did it.

I’m looking forward to doing even more extraordinary things in my future. And the more I explore and push myself, the more I can see that happening. What’s next? 🙂

Check out the whole list, here!

100 People Doing Extraordinary Things


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