I’m Filming in Paris!

Did you miss me?

As you know, I’m participating in the 168 Hour Film Project again this year, and it’s production week! My friend Jack, from Canada, is here and we’ve been working hard. First writing the script, then finding locations, finding our cast and crew, and finally – filming!

It took us several days to come up with our story, and several more to iron out the dialogue. Once the dialogue was pretty much set, we translated it into French. Yep, the film is in French. We held a rehearsal with the actors on Wednesday night, and made some more adjustments to the dialogue and “mise en scene” as it’s called.

Our script called for a scene in an airplane or train, a party scene, and a countryside garden scene. Why on earth couldn’t we have just created a story that took place in Paris?! I don’t know. But we shot our airplane scene with the help of a pilot with knowledge of an air hostess training facility…

Kendal on a plane

…and then rented a large apartment by the hour for our party scene on Saturday. Today we have our last scenes to film in a garden. But I won’t tell you where it is just yet…. maybe when you see the photos or the film you can guess.

Yesterday we filmed some small scenes with no sound, and in between, I caught a little sleep. Now I just need to compile all the names of people we have to thank, and prepare them for the credits, as Jack edits everything together.

In other news, I’m also going to get some new photos taken this weekend to submit to a bunch of modeling agencies, because Kendal needs work. Kendal will be stuck in France in a tiny studio somewhere if Kendal doesn’t get some work. And that’s not where Kendal wants to be. 😛

  1. Sounds like you have been really busy !
    It’s rather exciting for me to hear all the steps required to write and produce a film. You obviously know the drill well.
    I’m looking forward to the finished ‘award winning’ product. (fingers crossed).
    And, I am confident that things will turn around, job-wise, very soon.
    Go spread your CV everywhere !… beat the bushes !…
    Kendal will be happy !

    1. Definitely a lot of steps! I’m excited…. we’ll be recutting the film since we had to chop a lot out to get it under the 10 minute mark, so the version screening at 168 will be different from what goes on the DVD and everything. I’m looking forward to doing another short in French though. I think it’d be fun to take time and write something and rehearse and really do a great job in another language, so I’m going to start thinking of something for my next project. Oh so many ideas, really…. 🙂
      BUT first thing’s first… need to get some new photos and submit to some agencies and try to get some paying work! That will help so much….

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