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This weekend I decided it would be a good idea to go check out the LAWebFest, to see what’s going on and to meet some film peeps. On Saturday I attended the 11AM screening of some scifi web shows, including my friend François Descraques’ series, Le Visiteur du Futur. Honestly, The Visitor blew the other ones away. I would have loved to see more shows before the awards ceremony on Sunday, but life got busy and I didn’t look them up online. Because I mean, they’re all online. I don’t need to pay $10 an hour to watch them. I need to set aside some time to watch some of them and know what’s going on out there though.

After that screening, I met one of the board members, Rich Halke, who promised to introduce me to the Marseille gang later.

Then I went to a panel of women talking about their web series. I haven’t seen any of these shows yet, but on the panel were:

Lisa Gottlieb, producer, “To Live & Die in Opa Humpka” (Miami Beach, FLORIDA)

Britney Greer, producer, “Drifter” (Springfield, MISSOURI)

Robyn Scott, and Lisa Linke, producer-stars, “Rick & Len Fix Shit In Your House” (Chicago, ILLINOIS)

Jill Golick, creator-producer, “Ruby Skye: P.I.” (Toronto, CANADA)

Tommee May, and Liz Iacuzzi, producers, “The One N Done” (Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA)

And the creator of “Kid Justice” joined the panel as well, but I can’t seem to find the show or her name online right now!

All of these women were inspiring and I really really want to get a web series started. It looks like someone else is producing a web series about Expats in Paris, though I can always do my take on it. But I need a writer, because writing these webisodes is a complicated thing for me! 😛

Anyway, I returned on Sunday evening for the awards ceremony. It was a different kind of awards ceremony in that there were no nominees. They gave out Outstanding Achievement certificates and many shows got them for the same categories.

Now, when the schedule said the ceremony and afterparty (with snackies?) was 7PM to 1AM, I thought it meant that the ceremony would probably end around 10, giving me time to be in bed by 1AM. No… it started at 8PM and went past midnight.

I was all prepared to be jumping out of my seat to collect certificates during the Scifi awards, and The Visitor wasn’t called once!! I prematurely reported back to François. But then an hour or two later when they got to the Comedy web series awards, I was actually taken by surprise when they called out the first of The Visitor’s awards, for Sound Design. They went on to receive 3 more. This got the attention of the French, and one came over to say hello and asked if I worked with François. I had to say “no, I don’t, but I want to! I’m just a friend who’s able to bring his awards back to him next week.”

The Visitor's Awards

Anyway, there wasn’t much more to the night, since everyone was falling asleep and there was no food. So I went on home with my prizes. I felt kind of like a fake. Going up and getting these things when I had absolutely nothing to do with the production (except maybe I had some influence in getting subtitles on the first DVD). And I don’t even have a web series in production, myself. But I was glad to do it, and glad to meet the few people I did meet (including Shirley, who was scurrying into the hotel at the same time I was and searching for the Scifi room on Saturday).

I should have taken video at the event, but by 1AM, well…. I was already half asleep.

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