Oh My Gosh It Was Yesterday!

If that phrase is familiar to you… then you know the panic I am feeling right now.

Back in October, I managed to miss a required civics course. I then was lucky enough to have someone reply to my emails and tell me when the next one would be. February. Well, I wouldn’t be there. So… June. 15. At 8am. Which for SOME reason I put in my calendar on June 16. How on earth did this happen? Because it was in there for several months. And I got a paper in the mail with June 15 on it. And I look at my calendar frequently. And I found and looked at the paper just the other day. How did it not register?



Until this morning at 6:30am.

Now, why is this important? Because I missed it in October, and because supposedly attending this course is required to continue renewing my residency card. And even though I want to spend some time in L.A. next year, I am determined to see this through. I’ve already botched the renewal process (which resulted in me standing in a line outside for 5 hours, and me being stuck in France and not going back to L.A. in a month) by not setting my appointment, oh, 8 months in advance, so that appointment is in September, but now I’m guessing this course (if I get a third chance) will be in October. And it seems to me sometimes that people working in French administration think that part of their job description is just to make it as difficult and miserable on you as they possibly can.

I just. Can’t. Believe it. I can’t believe I did it again. And that I got up at 6:20am for nothing…. and now what? What have I screwed up now? At least I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that I’m stuck in Paris until my India trip. I just thought I’d be getting this one thing out of the way this weekend….. sigh.

  1. Poor Kendal ! What more can happen to you ?
    Your oversight is probably directly related to all the stress you’ve had over the ‘Theft’ business.
    Although, did it not occur to you that it would have forced the French authorities to work on a Sunday?
    – Does this mean that if you did go back to the States, the French wouldn’t let you back into France?
    – Or does it just mean that you will have to be in Paris in October for the next course?
    – But wait, I think you said that your recipicee expires on Sept 26th………
    – Hence the ‘appointment’ before that date in September.
    – Please don’t tell me, Kendal…..not another trip to the alley at the prefecture. (sounds like a sentence, doesn’t it !)

    URGHHHH !!!!! I’m beginning to understand why your head is fried in France !! Such bureaucracy ! 🙁

    1. I think about it now, of course. Like, what on earth made me think it would be on a Sunday?! I can’t believe it…. I wonder if I just subconsciously really don’t want to go. I mean I don’t want to go. It’s an 8 hour course. But…. I keep sabotaging myself.
      Well… I hope they respond today. I’m guessing the next one is in October. And my renewal date is September 26. I really do hope I don’t have to wait longer to renew that. Oh my gosh that’d be terrible. Another wait in the alley, and who knows when the appointment would be. I don’t want to be stuck here another year, I want to get back to my cat!!!

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