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Towards the bottom of this page, I’ve listed several services you may be interested in using, and if you sign up through my link, I will earn a commission (and be ever so grateful!).

Right below this sentence, you’ll see the DVD of the short film I produced last year. I ordered more copies than necessary to fulfill my obligations to the cast and crew, so that I could have the option to sell them and raise money to offset the cost of having them created in the first place! Confusing? Don’t worry. It does make sense. 🙂

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There – DVD

The DVDs have arrived!
The DVDs have arrived!

A little late but worth the wait! The DVDs have arrived for my patient cast and crew, and I ordered enough extra that I can sell some here to offset the cost (Designing and ordering them was all out-of-pocket). For a $10 donation I will send you a DVD. Isn’t that awesome? What’s even more awesome is that I’ll probably be making another film this year!

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NOTE: If you wish to order more than one, please send me a message in advance. I want to make sure that I have enough. Thanks!


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External Harddrive

I can no longer promote Western Digital hard drives. One took a tiny fall and now will cost over $1000 to recover my data from. My replacement was working fine and quit while I was getting a coffee. They recovered the data for me and put it on a new WD hard drive, which stopped working only months after that. I am no longer buying any WD hard drives so I will recommend the new ones I bought!

Remember, if you’re going to use it for Macs, make sure to format it before putting things on it!

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Discounted Adventures!

I love Groupon. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a website where you can get daily offers for discounted deals in your city (or any other city). Food, fun, whatever. Most of the classes I take (burlesque, comedy, aerial silks) I find on Groupon. Or LivingSocial, which is a similar service. So if you’re thinking of signing up, you should use these links because I get a little referral bonus, which I can use for more adventures. 🙂 And then you get your own link to give to your friends so you can do the same!