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Well, I have been keeping up with this blog for about five months now, yay me! I’m still feeling my way around, and finding my groove, and I thought I’d share a little bit of the behind the scenes thinking.

My blog is different.

It’s not just a blog about acting.

It’s not just a blog about travel, or Paris.

It’s not just a blog about adventuring, or volunteering or vegan food or anything.

It’s everything.

So I’ve had a hard time finding a “niche” for myself and feeling confident in how to move forward. Because yes, somehow, I want this blog to make money. I’m a wandering creative and you know, I’d like to live in a nice apartment, buy a nice house, not be in debt, all those lovely things that everyone else wants, too. But I also want my freedom. Another funny balancing act in progress.

I’ve been gathering information on blogging, and observing what other people are doing, and trying to apply it to my own efforts. But I feel like I need a bit of accountability. Sure, I’m a member of 3 websites that should provide some of that, but they’re private and I want to make this public.

So. Steps I’ve taken this week.

1. I’ve signed up for Google Analytics. I thought I had before, but I guess I didn’t complete the steps. So now I can start tracking the traffic to my site. I need to learn how to find information for each individual page and see what’s popular, because the next step would be to analyse that myself and make sure future posts are something you’re interested in!

2. Blogging! I’m trying to post regularly, though I don’t have a schedule for it. I’m afraid to make it into “work” yet. I do have many things I want to blog about right now, I just haven’t had the time. But I know it’s important to blog regularly. Otherwise you might think I’ve died, and unsubscribe. And that would be sad.

My next steps:

1. I need to review and post affiliate links for products and ebooks that I’ve purchased that are related to the things I talk about here. I know affiliate products can be a large part of a bloggers income, and I’m hoping you guys trust my opinion enough to check out things that I’m excited about (and maybe you are too). I need to figure out the best way to organize these product reviews, too.

2. Search the web for other people like me. Travelers, actresses, vegans. Get connected. I need to expand my network.

3. Videos. I still want to interview people who have used social media to kickstart their creative careers. Right now I’m thinking more about film and music, and I have a few people in mind to contact. I need to get on that. I need to come up with a title for the series, and a tagline. Something to keep it focused. Then I need to contact people. I should probably start another YouTube channel for it then as well.

So there are plenty of things I need to do, and these are only a few. But I’m starting there.

If you have a blog, what are you doing to get it out there, build traffic, monetize? I’d love your suggestions!

  1. I’m not a blogger, so perhaps my input is not what you are looking for.
    But to me, Kendal, you should write about what is your passion; what you enjoy, and makes you happy, or on the flip side, what upsets, annoys or frustrates you.
    Basically, things that you have knowledge of and what might interest others. Paris itself is a fascinating topic. The pursuit of being an actress must have it’s down times, but also rewards and fun times too.
    Don’t forget the humorous things that happen in your life.
    And then there is the ongoing story of producing a short film. Must be lots to talk about there.
    I like the way you write. You are articulate, and I think attempt to maintain a positive outlook on things, even if it’s something that upsets you.
    I am also interested in your ‘vegan’ lifestyle. It’s something I know nothing about, and perhaps I should, since it seems to have many healthful benefits. I would be happy to learn more (with links to pertinent information) and I’m sure you would give your French audience something to think about as well. Hope that helps, a little. Go for It !

    1. Hi! It doesn’t matter that you’re not a blogger. 🙂 I appreciate your comments all the same! Yes, I’ll be writing about all of that, but I’d like to tie in some posts and videos that can be useful in general. Like the interviews I want to do. I’ll be learning things and meeting people, but I would get to share their knowledge with others online, as well. 🙂
      Vegan stuff. Gotcha. Maybe I’ll make a couple of posts about that. I do know several good books. In fact I’m going to re-read one soon. Sometimes I need to motivate myself more by reading the information again. I can get lazy.
      And oh my gosh, I met a French person this past week who is vegetarian and going raw vegan! Kind of the same place I’m at. But he’s French! Blows my mind….

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