The End of the Road


Peter Root and Mary Thompson
Peter Root and Mary Thompson

I read this news several days ago, and was just thinking about it again today so I decided to write a little about it.

Peter Root and Mary Thompson, whom I hadn’t heard of before but were keeping a blog about their journey by bike around the world, were struck and killed by a pick-up truck in Thailand. They’d been biking from the UK since July 2011.

I think so many things when something like this happens. Apparently a 25 year old guy was driving the truck, and he struck them because he was leaning over to pick up a bottle cap. It just makes me think of all the times I’m doing something in the car that I don’t need to be doing, things that distract me from the serious business of driving. The bottle cap isn’t going anywhere. Leave it. The text can wait. Leave it. The music is fine. Leave it. Stupid things like these can have tragic consequences. These two people lost their lives because of a bottle cap.

Then I think…. trying to look on the bright side…. they died together, doing something they loved. How awful would it be if you were the one to survive something like this? No, I would rather die with my darling. But oh, still so tragic. These young people, full of life… gone.

You never know when or how it’s going to happen. Some people might hear about this and be terrified to go chase their dreams, for fear the worst will happen to them. They’ll try to stay safe. Others will hear about this and say, “well, a Cessna could hit your house, too, so you might as well seize the day and do everything you’ve dreamed of before it’s your time.” Me, I’m one of those second people. I mean I don’t think I’ll go biking in Thailand, but I want to live life to it’s fullest. Because you never know when the end is.

This is their website, though every link I click on seems to be broken.

Two on Four Wheels

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