To Do List

Here is where I am going to keep track of all the things I would like to do in my life, and of course share with you through this blog. 🙂 Life is too short to just dream, and never take action. There are so many wonderful things to see and do on this earth, so much to explore, and if I don’t keep a list and keep myself on track, I will end up with many things left undone.

1. Learn calligraphy and improve my handwriting

2. Grow my own food

3. Live in a mansion

4. Live in a tropical hut (with wifi)

5. Be able to write music on the piano

6. See the Northern Lights

7. Be a better vegan

8. Get my teeth fixed

* This goal was pretty much reached in April 2013. My teeth have been straightened with Invisalign, and I got 8 thin veneers applied to my upper teeth. In the future, maybe I’ll do the rest, but for now, I have much more confidence in my smile! 😀

9. Cure my tinnitus

10. Go on a road trip with a camper

11. Make an income as an actress

12. Work with Joss Whedon (again. Not as a stand-in)

13. Work with François Descraques (again. Not as a zombie)

14. Perform burlesque

15. Perform the hula

16. Be multi-lingual

17. Do a split

18. Go on a meditation retreat

19. Make an album

20. Own a home, with no mortgage

21. Meditate for an hour every day

22. Be there when God heals people

23. Only own what I need, use, or love, with no attachment.

24. Work with Robert Downey Jr.

25. Help girls get education

26. Help people have clean water

27. Give, give, give

28. See bioluminescent water

29. Live among rainbow eucalyptus trees

30. Learn survival skills